The safety switch failed?

Up until the other day, I had never heard of a safety switch on an AC unit.

  • The superintendent of our building told me the safety switch was supposed to turn off the dehumidification process in the air conditioning unit, when the water basin got full.

I love our new building manager and the superintendent they have in place. No matter what it is we need done to our apartments, we know that someone will be there within 24 – 48 hours. Our old manager could have cared less if we had complaints. It often took at least two weeks and 2 – 3 phone calls just to get through to them. If we have a true emergency, they will be at our apartment within an hour or less. It didn’t surprise me that, when I was in the laundry room and noticed water leaking, it only took minutes for the superintendent to come to the laundry room. I noticed there was a darkness to the wall that I hadn’t noticed before. When I walked to that area, my sneakers squished in the carpeting. That’s when I called the super. He immediately went into the crawlspace in the ceiling to check on the air conditioning unit. He came back out and humphed. He came back with a small piece that had to be replaced. He said about the safety switch failing. When the basin filled with water, the water had to go someplace and it came down the walls. I was more interested in the idea that the air conditioning unit was located directly above us.

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