The gym can be a couples thing as well

My parents were nice people and I appreciate everything they provided for me when I was a kid.

That said, I have also really learned what not to do in a relationship from them as well.

They had a very combative life together filled with tension and turmoil. I so don’t want that with my wife. So one of the ways we avoid that is with our gym membership. That sounds sort of crazy but working out together at our health and fitness center is something that also strengthens our marriage. As the kids started getting older and our careers became more demanding, we noticed that the first thing we sacrificed was time with each other. That is a dangerous course in any marriage. We tried to commit to date night and were generally pretty good about it. However, we were also so tired and fatigued from life and work that it just wasn’t much fun. This led us to trying to build or health and fitness while also spending time together. The local health center has been perfect for that very aim. We enjoy our workout programs as well as yoga sessions together. We also have joined other group fitness training classes as well. It’s been wonderful to have these hours together at least 4 times per week. And we’ve learned a lot together about health and fitness from fitness coaching. Plus, the nutritional programs have really helped jump start our menus at home. I’m just so happy that we are able to have a gym membership be so instrumental to strengthening our marriage.

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