Saturday farmers market

Every Saturday morning my mom and dad head down to the local farmers market to sell the fresh farm apples that they have grown on their own orchard.

Now that I have moved back closer to home to be near them as they get older I have started to help them with the setting up and selling portion of farmers markets. I expected many different things when starting to help out at the farmers market, but one thing that I didn’t see coming was how cold it would be! We are located in a part of the country that is cold almost all year long, so even during the farmers markets we are forced to bundle up. Due to the fact that I have been living down south for several years it has been a very hard adjustment period for me and I have had to find ways to stay warm during my shift other than wearing extra layers. I was able to reach out to my friend who works as a certified HVAC repair tech in town and see if he could help me out. He ended up telling me that my best bet would be investing in a mini portable HVAC unit that I could bring to farmers markets. They were somewhat affordable to buy, and thanks to the discount that my friend was able to get me I only paid a few hundred dollars for it. I have only had it with me for a short time but this mini portable HVAC unit has proven to be a very useful tool. My mom and dad still gives me a hard time whenever I show up to the apple stand with my trusty HVAC unit in hand, but I could care less as long as I no longer have to freeze my butt off.


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