Recommending different a/c systems to my sister

Even though we now live far apart, me and my sister have always remained close.

We were best friends when we were young, and that lasted all the way till adulthood.

We cheered each other on and helped each other through our darkest moments. We were both sad when we had to move out, but we both swore to keep in contact. Now, we meet up a few times a month to just talk and catch up. The last few times however, my sister has endlessly complained about how overheated her house is. I asked whether she had her furnace on full blast, since we just got out of winter. But she had already turned the heating system off, with no luck. Her house was still incredibly hot. After a while, I had forgotten about the subject until I was invited into her house and was reminded of how horrendously hot in was in there. My sister had dark circles under her eyes and complained of lack of sleep due to the overbearing heat. I then inspected her air conditioner, which to my surprise, was this absolutely tiny little thing, barely cold enough to cool even one room. I immediately noticed the problem, and asked how long she had it. Apparently she had just bought it and figured it would be enough, which it obviously wasn’t. Since her house was bigger, I recommended a central air conditioning system, but in case she wanted professional help, I directed her to a HVAC corporation that I had a good experience with, and wished her the best of luck.

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