Pumped for Springtime

I was starting to think Springtime would never show her face this year, winter time just didn’t want to let go of it’s icy grip! It seems every one of us have had to deal with dirty slush for months, however until almost May, there was nothing growing green to be found.Springtime is our number one season, the reds and golds of Fall are pretty, as is the first snowfall, but, after a dreary winter, Springtime signals new growth.

That makes myself and others prone to Springtime fever, and as much as I care about our HVAC system, I adore to open our windows wide to catch the breezes.Not only am I not a fan of winter, I don’t care about the summer time heat either; By June, I am running our air conditioner.

By October, I am turning the heat on, but so, there are only a few months when the weather is comfortable enough to leave the windows and doors open.And then, there is Springtime cleaning. I don’t particularally like to clean, and I have a great HVAC unit that emits quality air, but, I still guess that a closed house gets musty.And, Springtime finally came. My number one season finally lucky us with sunshine and clear skies. The first day that wasn’t too cold had myself and others opening up the windows and airing out our rugs, washing our comforters, and bleaching the walls. I take Springtime cleaning to a whole new level. And, Springtime offers the perfect occasion to get our deepest cleaning done.I truly hope summer time comes late this year, too, but I am sure I will have our air conditioner on in June anyways. It’s a nice thought, though. So would be living in a locale that has Springtime weather all year, but I know that will never happen.


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