Old home without air conditioning so I sat under the stars

It is very cool at night, and there was a cooling breeze

I was visiting my elderly grandmother this weekend. She’s turned 94 years old and is incredibly frail. Because of her age, it makes activities around the house difficult, and I like to visit every weekend to help her out with her daily chores. She’s made it this far, and I wanted to make sure she was taken care of. I also try to call her daily to ensure she’s okay. One day, I noticed that her house was very warm and humid, and when I looked around for any source of cooling, she didn’t have any! I was really surprised; I would have thought that most houses would have had an air conditioning by now. But her house is incredibly old. She seemed to not mind it that all that much, but I wondered if I could possibly help her with that. Paying for air conditioning installation was fairly expensive and I didn’t have the money to spend at hand. I knew my grandmother was fairly old fashioned, so instead of being cooped up in her warm house all day, I started taking her on small walks with me at night. It is very cool at night, and there was a cooling breeze. I also put a fan in the window to bring in a cool breeze, which helped a lot with the lack of a/c system. This seemed to put her at ease a bit, and we started spending the nights looking at the stars in the sky, pointing out all of the brightest stars. I already planned ahead of time of getting her a new cooling unit, but this will do for now.

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