Now the repairs fall to me

I had to google what to try and I failed.

I went from renting an apartment in the city to owning a home in the country. There have been a lot of things to get used to. On the plus side it is really nice having total privacy and living in a small community. There are less sketchy people walking around and stray animals. I have never felt so safe. I can suntan in a swim top without a concern. I also like that I am able to paint and decorate the house since I own it. I do miss being near movie theaters, tons of grocery stores and restaurants. There are pretty slim pickings here. Another con is that when you own the home, you have to do all the maintenance on it. I was used to calling my landlord anytime something went wrong. The guy had to fix my dishwasher, dryer, oven, air conditioning function, heating function and patch the roof the entire time I rented there. I never thought much about it. When something didn’t work, I called and it was taken care of. Now that I own the house, I am stuck trying to figure out what to do. Last week my heater decided not to turn on. I had to google what to try and I failed. I changed the air filter, cleaned the inside and checked every part that I was able to. I ended up needing to call a HVAC contractor and paying for a heater repair. That was awful spending the money and time on my heater device. It is just one of the prices of owning a home though.



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