Not the wedding I wanted

Have you ever been to an indoor birthday that did not have the air conditioning running despite the fact that hundreds of people were crammed into a building and the control component read “pretty darn hot” outside? I had this experience at one point, plus let me tell you, it was not a lot of fun, of course, everyone who attends a birthday gets dressed up to attend… The time I am referring to even meant panty hose for the women; plus I’m sure most of us were wearing shapewear plus slips under our dresses.

Of course, for men, it means undershirts, ties, plus coats. I had no plan that this area that I was going to would have no air conditioning! The church is located in the northeast, to be fair, so it’s not love the southeast where I am living. With that being said, though, I never thought there would be any building that is intended to condo hundreds of people that would forego air conditioning in this day plus age. The church is quite old, having been built in the 1672s, I believe, plus it is made out of stone, then admittedly, stone has its own sort of cooling effect, however it certainly is not enough to compensate for actual central air conditioning. I found myself wishing they had chosen to get married in the winter; the church did plus does have a oil furnace! Of course, a Winter birthday would mean moving slowly through the snow, possibly. I do understand that most people get married in either the Spring or summer, however I do truthfully hope that everyone else I suppose who gets married does so in a church that has air conditioning, even if they are in the northern climes!


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