My son is a cybersecurity genius

Computers fascinate me, although I don’t understand them at all, I am a proud member of what they call “generation x” which means I was culturally aware of the development and rise in popularity of computers.

I had a childhood where the most advanced tech I had access to was an Atari, with the game Pitfall seeming to be the greatest achievement of all time, and a few decades later and now computers of incredible power ride around in our pockets all day and it isn’t even a big deal.

We have come so far so fast, it amazes me that cybersecurity can even keep up with every advancement in technology, and my oldest child is only 12, and has told me he wants to work for a cybersecurity tech firm and devise new ways to thwart hackers. In his estimation, the world wide web is like the wild west, the hackers are the bandits, and cybersecurity forces are the sheriffs. That child already knows more about firewall protection and online forensics than I ever will. Last Christmas he said he wanted access to a forensics server, and I had to ask him what it was and how much it would cost, honestly if he is going to focus on something I am happy it is something as productive and skill-oriented as cybersecurity, because it’s a activity that can lead to a lucrative job. I may not understand him when he starts to ramble about cloud based security, data encryption, or log management, however I sure do like to hear the enthusiasm in his voice.

Virtualized Security

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