My mother is causing me grief in my own house

There are few things in life that irritate me more than when our mother comes to stay with me for a few afternoons; of course our time together always starts off great.

She usually comes after we’ve gone a few weeks without seeing each other plus every one of us spends time chatting over coffee.

She then does our laundry, plus occasionally she will stock up our refrigerator. Then, by the fifth or sixth afternoon of her living in our home, she starts to seep under our skin with her little daily antics; for instance, she always empties our trash when it’s not completely full, essentially wasting precious trash bags. She also has a bad habit of shutting the air vent in the guest room, because she claims that the freezing air blows on her all night. Then I’ve tried lowering the temperature on the control unit plus asking her to keep the air vent open, but she still closes it when I’m not directly looking. The last time she visited, she closed the air vent after I asked her not to. Plus she caused a lot of avoidable destruction to our AC system! Closing the air vent caused our AC system to totally freeze! I realized something was wrong when I noticed small water stains appear on the guest room ceiling above her bed. The stains started out small plus almost unrecognizable, however they continued to grow. Then about the same time I noticed the water stains, our AC stopped working completely. I had to call a heating, ventilation, plus A/C serviceman to do maintenance on our AC unit, costing me money I hadn’t planned on spending. Worse yet, my mother is still in denial that any of this is her fault. The ice on our AC unit says otherwise.

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