My dad is finally going to run a special at his HVAC company

My dad has owned a heating and cooling company for the past 30 years.

He has always loved his work and he’s super good at it.

He rules his HVAC company like a king on his throne, though. He never lets anyone tell him what to do or how to do it when it comes to anything about the business. This has always included his marketing strategy, too. Actually, his HVAC marketing strategy has always been to have no strategy at all! It’s driven me crazy over the years that he has never had any advertising at all for the company. He says that his reputation and ability to fix all kinds of air conditioning systems and furnaces is the only advertising that he really needs. Well, I guess to a certain extent that’s true, but since I went to school for marketing and advertising, I think that he should really allow me to help out at the family business. I told him that we should run a heating system tune up special for the fall and at first, he fought me on it. But then I finally talked him into it and I’m excited about the ads I have come up with. We are going to have a couple of radio spots, a local TV spot, and some ads in our local moneysaver magazines for furnace tune up specials and fireplace maintenance. I think that it will be great for business! Maybe if it works out, my dad will let me take over this part of the HVAC business.

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