More of an HVAC charity than an HVAC business

Something that has always bothered me and still does is the fact that there are so many disadvantaged people out there in the world.

Even in our own country, the richest in the world, we have so many people who are poor, starving, and even don’t have homes to go to at night.

It is a very sad thing to me so I decided to get into a career that would allow me to make a difference. I was very happy that I made the move to become an HVAC technician because ever since I first got my HVAC certification, I was able to help countless people. I trained with some of the best HVAC technicians and I knew that one day I would even be able to start my own company where I could help out those people in the struggle even more. I wanted to be able to help all those people who are seriously in the struggle. My HVAC company has been quite successful and people seem to appreciate the mission of this HVAC company because we aim to make sure everybody is as comfortable as can be, no matter what situation they find themselves in. In time, I plan on expanding my work outside of the nation as well so that we can help all those unfortunate souls in other places. I will make it my mission to help out as many people as possible, even if we are losing money. I honestly would rather run an HVAC charity instead of making a ton of profit off the people, but we do need money to stay afloat. This is why I do accept donations from people so that we can continue to do this awesome work for as many people as possible.


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