Lemonade stand on a busy street

Over summer vacation, my daughter seemed quite bored. She usually would pace around room to room, looking for things to do. So, I started occupying her time by creating her very own lemonade stand. She was instantly in love! There was a busy metropolitan area nearby, that would be good for business. Luckily for us, today in particular was a very hot day, which hopefully would make people more open to buying a drink. With no cooling mechanisms nearby, I knew it was going to be a hot day. My daughter squirmed in the heat, so I let her sit behind me in the shade. I probably looked pretty weird, a full-grown adult sitting at lemonade stand, and since my daughter was behind me, it only looked like I was there. Nevertheless, I started getting the business we were looking for. After a successful day of lemonade selling, we made a total of $21 dollars. What else could attract people to a lemonade stand? There’s only so much people would want to buy. Adding water would probably work, but what people are really looking for is to escape the heat. That’s when I got the idea, if I bring mini fans with me, that would attract attention. Sure enough, people were attracted to the fan like flies to honey. The mini fans I sold for a few dollars each, and they sold better than the lemonade! They helped make up for the lack of air conditioning. People loved the mini cooling systems! I sold through the entire box in an hour, so I started crafting my own mini fans to sell. With selling the mini a/c units, we were able to make $200 in a day!



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