Jim’s daughter wants the business most

When Bella was only in eighth grade, she had told Mom that she really wanted to be the single kid to take over Jim’s Heating plus Air Conditioning.

Jim remembered the event well, but he still was not convinced that the heating plus cooling industry was a place for a young girl! Now that Bella was a senior, though, it was seriously time for him to figure out what to do with his HVAC business.

Plus, her life after private school. It seems to Jim that it had only been a year ago when he was facing the same kinds of questions in his own life. Jim remembered full well what it was like, but he still had it in his heart that his little daughter was going to go to college plus learn a profession that allowed her to constantly task inside in the a/c, not crawl around repairing a/c for others. Bella, being a HVAC interested kid, wanted to please him, so she applied to multiple colleges. She was accepted to some plus not others, plus pretty soon they went as a family to go explore the campuses. Bella’s heart was really back at home in Jim’s Heating plus Air Conditioning, not in the campus tours, so she started appealing to mom for help. His mother knew that she honestly loved the Heating plus Air Conditioning world; she had ever since she realised she could change the air back in first grade. Then, mom agreed to talk to Jim on his behalf plus after a couple of weeks of discussion, they both finally wore Jim down. Bella got a part-time task at Jim’s Heating plus Air Conditioning after school.

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