Is maintenance really a necessity?

I used to roll my eyes whenever I heard my father talk about calling the maintenance man.

It seems that even when a light bulb blew out, he thought he should call the maintenance man.

When we got older and moved into a house, he still called the maintenance man all the time. He had an electrician on speed dial, in case he had a light blinking or even a light switch that didn’t work. He had a plumber on speed dial if there were to be a leaky faucet or a busted pipe. He also had the HVAC company on speed dial. Where most people had doctors and parents on speed dial, he was more concerned with maintenance. When you own a home, you don’t worry about the wear and tear on your HVAC, plumbing or electrical systems. Having regular maintenance on these systems will help to maintain them and save you money. For this reason alone, maintenance is a necessity. Maintenance for HVAC is likened to having a physical at the doctor. You don’t wait until you can’t move, or you have so much pain you are in tears, before going to the doctor or to the dentist. We go once or twice a year, and you may save your smile for a lifetime, and reach old age in good health. This is our own type of maintenance. This is the same way we need to approach maintenance for our HVAC system. If we take care of it on a regular basis, the HVAC system and other systems in our house will last much longer than if it is held off until there is a problem.



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