I’m actually prepared for the frosty season

I usually adore the summer time however this year, I think I am ready for the cold season.

All of us have had a genuinely boiling summer time in these parts.

For months on end, the uneven temperatures have been way up in the 80s and 90s and I just hate that. There’s just something about being sizzling that makes me feel awful! I actually love the fall and the winter, and I think that it’s because I would rather be freezing than incredibly hot. When you’re too cold, it’s way easier to start heating up than it is to start cooling off when you’re too sizzling. I hate having to pay for costly cooling bills in the warm season and our a/c appliance is honestly not one of those overly pricey up-to-date high efficiency a/c appliances that you hear about occasionally. Mine is an old clunky a/c appliance that was in the house when I moved in. Who knows how long it had been installed in the dwelling before I moved in? It was really one of the oldest working air conditioner appliances in the state. I should have gotten a medal for it or something. Anyway, this year, I was ready to stop running that old a/c appliance and paying for those expensive cooling bills each month. So when the weather finally started cooling off, I was thrilled. I’m getting ready to switch the temperature control over from cooling to heating and I’m getting the wood burning fireplace cleaned out this upcoming weekend. I can’t wait for the falling leaves and bonfires, so bring on the fall!

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