I love having a boiler system

In the area where I am living, the Winter weather is a major problem.

I often rely on the furnace for more than 50% the year.

The temperature remains below freezing plus often dips into the negatives. All of us plan for temperatures down to 10 below freezing and snow that reaches 10 to 12 feet. The wind chill is always a big thing and makes the conditions feel even colder. It can be horrible to spend any amount of time outside, exposed to the conditions. All of us get blizzards and ice storms that result in driving restrictions plus keep ups trapped inside the apartment for weeks at a time… Selecting a powerful, reliable plus energy efficient furnace is a priority. I’m lucky to have a hot water boiler installed in the basement that links to baseboard gas heating systems in each room. The system operates without noise, requires only annual service plus definitely handles the most horrible weather. Because it is a hydronic furnace, using water to transport heat energy rather than air, it doesn’t bring any debris such as dust into the home. It doesn’t overly dry out the air and necessitate the installation of a humidifier and proves to be a gentle type of heating. There’s no drafts, no cold spots and very high satisfaction. The boiler is also super energy smart. With the heat spread evenly and the higher temperatures closer to the floor. I’m able to set the control unit lower than what I normally would.


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