I didn't see this movie coming

We needed to move across the country because of our partner’s new promotion at his task, but he’s worked honestly hard at his task plus his job for a long time, though, so I’m honestly thrilled for him.

I’m not super thrilled about having to move far across the country so he can work at their national headquarters, though.

The cabin that we live in at the moment is exactly how I want it, but we even redid our Heating & Air Conditioning plan last year so that it would be our dream heating plus cooling system. We have a charming high efficiency air conditioning system that barely costs us anything to run in the summertime, but despite the fact that the cooling bills are practically non-existent, our cabin stays blissfully freezing inside no matter how high the hot plus cold temperatures outside are! And not only that, but both of us had radiant heated flooring installed into the cabin as our main source of heating. I have been enjoying our radiant floors so much that I do not care for the idea of living without them. My partner tells me that since he will be making so much money with the promotion, both of us will just install radiant heated flooring in our new cabin when both of us move. I am not a big fan of that idea, though, since the Heating & Air Conditioning renovation was pretty stressful to live through; Unfortunately, none of the houses on the market in that space have radiant heated flooring listed as an area of their Heating & Air Conditioning systems. That’s honestly too bad, too, because that would make our purchasing decision honestly simple when it comes to my brand new house!


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