Ductless HVAC solutions sound good to me

I have recently made the choice to transfer out of my property and have a custom house built.

I have been saving up for several years now and I’m really happy to finally see my property and my vision come into focus.

I’ve been attempting to remain open-minded throughout the whole process and have landed on some crucial decisions that I might not have made had I built this two years ago (for example: all wood flooring). Now that I’m at the portion of the construction that requires central heating and central air conditioner equipment decisions, I’m looking at various choices. One thing that I thought would be a requirement for the HVAC equipment is the ductwork system. As it turns out, there are numerous ductless HVAC equipment options available as well. With ductless mini split air conditioner and boiler and/or ductless heat pumps, I could actually have a property with heating and air conditioner equipment that doesn’t require actual ductwork cleaning. I wanted to get some perspective online before I decided to make a firm decision on my central heating and central air conditioner equipment. Has anyone here had any experience with ductless HVAC equipment? Any of the above—ductless heat pumps, multi split air conditioner equipment or boilers—or anything that I didn’t actually mention here. I really want your perspective on this. I’m entirely leaning toward ductless HVAC solutions, however I don’t want to end up getting into something that I have to end up paying to undo to get the typical central heating and central air conditioner equipment installed. Please let me know about your thoughts on ductless HVAC equipment and whether or not you advocate it!

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