Don’t drop the ball on HVAC responsibilities

I find that the older I get, the more I am the guy that people in my life are snickering at. This is weird because I actually was a pretty cool guy for most of my life. I mean, I wasn’t George Clooney or anything close. But, I definitely wasn’t the person that people giggled and pointed at. Now, I will walk in a room and have absolutely no idea why I went in there. Then, I will pretend that I was just there to check the HVAC setting. Apparently, it is crystal clear to everyone that I am faking it. Hence, the laughs. I find I can do the same thing with the way I dress on my days off. My wife will laugh and point while telling me there is no way I am leaving the HVAC comfort of our home “looking like that”. I suppose I have lapsed into a bit of nonchalance gone horribly wrong. However, I know that I am not straight losing it either. I still am on top of my career. The household responsibilities are still getting done. I am solely in charge of everything HVAC. I have to make the service appointments and then make sure to be at home to meet the tech. The air filters are also my task alone. Those things get changed every 30 days without fail. You just can’t allow the air filters to get clogged because it puts such a drag on the rest of the system. That air filter is much like the lungs of the heating and cooling unit. If it’s all clogged, the good air isn’t getting to where it needs to be.

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