Changing my approach with fitness

My life has not been full of great choices.

  • Actually, it’s not as though I made a bunch of horrible, destructive choices either.

I just sort of didn’t put much energy or thought into my choices and just ended up where I was. And that place was not happy. However, with help from certified fitness experts at my health and fitness center, I made one of my best choices. In just over a year, I have gone from quite miserable to a place of health and wellness. It’s not like I just got a gym membership and then simply turned into a new person overnight. That’s not it at all because there has been some really effort and discipline that went into my life change. While the workout program has been instrumental, the nutritional counseling and nutritional programs have been amazing. Again, it has been about choices. I learned that I can choose to feed my body properly and feel good. Or I can choose to feed my body garbage and then feel like garbage. It seems so common sense and yet until I started the nutritional programs, I just didn’t get it. Now I do. This has helped me transform my body as well as my emotional wellbeing. I listened and learned from the personal trainer that helped me. And together, we continued to build toward the level of health and wellness that I enjoy now. The changes in my life are due to making thoughtful choices and staying committed to those choices. No longer am I allowing life to simply deal all the card. Fitness has been such an important part in me changing my life for the better.

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